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Our 'Search','For Sale' and 'Wanted' database advert services are completely free of charge to you.

In return, all we ask is that you now tell as many of your friends, family and associates as possible of the existence of our firm
This will help potential buyers and sellers to reach us more cost-effectively, meaning savings we can pass on to you

 We will not canvass or contact any person without their express permission being obtained in the first instance.Thank you




Helping  you sell your registration

Valuation       back to top

Using the most up to date sales and market information we will advise you of the likely proceeds of your registration mark sale. You have the choice to accept this figure or provide us with your own figure if you feel ours is too low. We will advertise whichever figure is acceptable to you adding our fees to the gross selling price. Our fees cover all the work we undertake on your behalf. All except the MOST DISTINCTIVE registration marks are in competition with similar marks for sale at the same time.

Notes Your personal sales valuation

This will be a sum which we both agree after deduction of our sales expenses and commission. Government transfer fees are normally paid by your purchaser as part of the transaction. Before introducing a purchaser we will ensure that they have: a) lodged a deposit with us and b) have the financial ability to proceed. Please read our full terms and conditions.

Finding a buyer    back to top

Our website is visited by hundreds of people each week, who are interested in buying selling or just browsing the UK Personal Registration market. This site is supported by ongoing national advertising, direct marketing and referral campaigns. We also have a considerable database of waiting buyers who will be cross-matched to your registration mark(s). 

 Sales Negotiations     back to top

Using our expertise, we will  secure the optimum price for your registration mark. You will be informed of all genuine offers. Your confidentiality as a vendor is assured at all times during the sale and transfer process. Our systems do not allow us to disclose your personal details to them nor their details to you. We screen both sellers and buyers for authenticity and ability to perform the contracts agreed, through ourselves as the handling agent.

Securing the Funds   back to top

We accept most major credit and debit cards together with cheques and bankers orders as methods of payment.

Carrying out the Transfer     back to top

We carry out and manage the entire transfer process for you and can even arrange for the supply of new number plates to yourself and your buyer if required.


How long will it take to sell?  back to top

The most important factors to selling any registration mark within a reasonable time are:-

i) Accurately gauging its level of desirability 
ii) Getting the asking price right from the result of i) above
iii)  Constantly advertising and marketing the registration mark to prospective buyers
iv)  Assessing the changing conditions in the registration marketplace (and the wider UK economy) and responding accordingly

Free advertising 24 hrs per day, 365 days a year*!   back to top

Your registration will be added to our sales lists and included in our continual advertising and marketing campaigns as described above. It will also be promoted to those persons who are on our buyers register. Your registration will AUTOMATICALLY be included on our FOR SALE website page free of charge. 

*We cannot be held liable for the malfunction of any computer or related equipment vital to the presence of our website on the Internet or access to it.


CAN I DO IT MYSELF?     back to top

Of course privately placing an advert in a newspaper yourself is possible but please read some of our clients’ comments from their own experiences:-

‘ I had more calls from the advertising canvassers of other newspapers than I had from prospective purchasers’.

‘I agreed a price with a chap who sounded genuine enough but didn’t come up with the money, totally wasting my time!’

‘We found that advertising once was not enough so we took a 4 week discounted advert which was quite expensive. The registration still didn’t sell and now it owes us another £175. The trouble is we need to sell it quickly because we are emigrating next month. Which is the best place to advertise? Have we got the price too high? or is everyone just on holidays? It is August after all!’

‘I found a buyer and we agreed the price, then he asked me ‘How do we meet to do the transfer and exchange the cash?’ I was so glad you came to my rescue! I didn’t have a clue, thank you VRM!’

‘I was thinking about selling privately but then I thought, do I want to send copies of my personal documents to complete strangers?’

‘As the seller I found it very difficult to conduct the price negotiations in an objective business-like fashion. My buyer gave me a hard luck story that I was foolish enough to believe to bring the price down and when he came to collect the transfer certificate he arrived in a brand new top of the range BMW!’

‘ I placed the advert, found a buyer and got the transfer forms from my local VRO but they were so busy in the office they didn’t have time to explain how to use them. I followed the notes, sent back my transfer application with the required cheque then waited a week only to find that they would not allow the transfer because my buyer’s car was too old. I wish I’d come to you first!’








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